The acoustic perception of the brain model is the outside reality: the brain players record their acoustical environment during the production. These recordings are played into the system as receptions of the outside.

The sound stimuli that reach the brain through the sense cells are distributed by the colliculus inferior according to their content of  tone colour and time structure to the two temporal gyruses of the cortex. This distribution process is modeled in the acoustic image as movement.

Then the temporal gyruses analyse the colour and the time structure of the sound stimuli independently. The right temporal gyrus analyses mainly the tone coulour, in case of speech apparently vowels. The left temporal gyrus recognizes mainly the rhythmic structure, in speech mainly the consonants. In the headphones the temporal gyruses are placed on the other side because of the crossing hearing nerves of the listener, so the sounds are recepted by the correct brain hemisphere of the listener.

Both temporal gyruses associate their perceptions with the already learned, the right one more integrated, the left one more analyticly. This association process can be heard on the right and left, more to the center, back and down. In the brain and in the model, this is the place of the hippocampus. It produces to every association the according remembrance of the memory, which provokes also new associations. Therefore arise gradually chains of associations, more or less stable over time. 

The last level of processing is the emotional valuation. This function is built by the amygdala for bad valuation (in the low center of the head) and the nucleus accumbens for good valuation (just above in the center). They produce the actual general feeling and decide on the emotional qualities of the remembrances and thus on their importance.

The speed of processing is defined by the actual heart beat of the amygdala player: the brain players have to react within one beat with their functional processes. Therefore the system works faster in highly emotional states as fear or euphoria.