I mean, there are some rules here now in the game,
and that’s very weird, because we didn’t go,
we didn’t talk them over before we started.

Diederik Peeters


I do a lot of things that I don’t do,
and I don’t do some things that I do do,
but not always


I’m feeling this responsibility
to be interesting for god’s sake,
what a fuck


I feel quite at home here in this place
this makes it a little less uncomfee for me
to do this thing
like if we would do this in your home
in Berlin or something
I would have another reason
to feel uncomfortable

I will try some interesting positions now
to film maybe, no, I don’t know,
I really don’t know


I mean, it’s kind of difficult to like
just talk all by myself, I mean,
all by myself maybe all by myself
make up things to talk about.
I would like if you ask me a question.


I keep looking for that kind
of profound truth


We will start NOW